Mandarins in summer?

Camp Mandarino is located on Dugi Otok island in Croatia - North Dalmatia. Camping equipment is new, modern and in addition it is located in the beautiful Mediterranean countryside in a quiet part of the island.

Families will enjoy their holidays thanks to the camp’s own beach. Customers can be accommodated in their own trailers, caravans or tents..There is a small shop situated in the camp area, restaurant and a bar are right on the beach. The island is suitable for all sport activities, so you certainly do not have to be worried about being bored!

How to get there

Feel like home!

Customers in Camp Mandarino can be accommodated in their own trailers, caravans or tents.

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Fish not only in water

If you like to take a break from cooking on vacation, we have good news for you.

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Sport activities

Dugi Otok island is an ideal place for sport activities.

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It really is a safe haven! Romantic, nice, peaceful, great staff, clean and bright! Food in restaurant is so delicious, and the service is also good. Beautiful blue caribbean sea, far away from stressful cities and civilization,.. relaxing as much as can be! :* Love it

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Camp Mandarino

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