Croatia as You Don’t Know It

If you decide to spend your holidays in our campsite, which is located on Dugi Otok island, you could not choose better!

You’ll spend your vacation in a magical place: one of the seven largest islands in Croatia. Dugi Otok boasts beautiful nature, pure turquoise waters, and many other spots worth visiting.

Although the island isn’t the liveliest destination around, the surrounding peace and gorgeous nature surely makes up for it.

Literally a Long Vacation

Dugi Otok is a Croatian island in northern Dalmatia. As the name suggests, Dugi Otok (or “Long Island”) has an elongated shape. It’s 45 km long and has the surface area of 113 km2. This makes it one of the 7 largest islands in Croatia.

The island has sharp cliffs, peaceful bays, and gorgeous beaches. A part of the island is protected due to it being the home to a national park.

History of Dugi Otok Weather in Dalmatia

The Sakarun Beach

A beautiful sandy beach just a 5 minute’ walk from our camp. It’s 800 metres long and was nominated as one of the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world.

The Adriatic’s Most Beautiful Lighthouse

Look no further than the Veli Rat. It’s only 6 km from the camp which makes it a great destination spot.

The Srašna Peć Cave

25 km from the Mandarino camp, the utterly charming Srašna Peć cave is located.

The beautiful town of Zadar

If you intend to stay with us longer, you definitely must make the trip to Zadar and at the very least spend a whole day there.

The Telašćica National Park

The Telašćica Park, declared a national park in 1988, is located in the south-eastern part of the island. The area is considered one of the most beautiful places in Croatia.

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Beatifull idyllic place! Little paradise one earth with lovely people and very friendly staff! I really would recommend it to everyone! Keep in mind that Dugi Otok is a little less busy than other places in Croatia, but keep in mind “less is more” For nature and paradise lovers!

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