Telašćica is a protected nature park and is located in the southeastern part of Dugi otok.

As the name suggests, Dugi otok is oblong in shape, 45 km long and 113 km2 in area. This makes it one of the 7 largest Croatian islands. Camp Mandarino is located on Dugi otok.

Telašćica is a protected nature park and is located in the southeastern part of Dugi otok. Telašćica is characterized by beautiful nature in which human influence does not come to the fore. Nature is preserved and in the summer months Telašćica comes to its full potential.


  • Ein wunderschöner, sauberer und ruhiger Campingplatz. Der schönste den ich bisher in Dalmatien erleben durfte. Toller Strand, gutes Essen alle sehr freundlich von der Rezeption bis zum Restaurant. Es gibt nichts zum aussetzen. 100 Punkte. Vielen Dank, dass wir hier sein durften. Nächstes Jahr kommen wir wieder❤️

    Paar Intihar

  • Krásný camp, moc se mi to líbilo, rád se sem budu vracet 🙂

    Štěpán Tawab

  • Krásné moře, kemp supr, strava perfektní

    Tomáš Smetana

  • Nice place to stay, polite people, generally good feeling at Camp Mandarino.

  • I've really enjoyed my stay here.. also im to lazy to explain so read further

    Sanny Man

  • Super dovolená,perfektně nachystané na kravanig,dobrý přístup k vodě.Mužu jen doporučit.

    Ondřej Kropáček

  • Best camp ever! So cute & warm, amazing people, beautiful and clean, romantic evenings, nice attitude from staff, I will come again as soon as I can :).. it really is “safe haven”

    Luka Gorjan, Croatia

  • Food in restaurant is so delicious, and the service is also good. Beautiful blue caribbean sea, far away from stressful cities and civilization,.. relaxing as much as can be! :* Love it

    Lamorado D

  • Chef/cook was excellent!! I enjoyed eating every meal-from morning egg specialities to wonderful and romantic dinner with candles. Beautiful beach in the camp and nearby-great location. Amazing view from every parcel. Very clean. Great people! I felt like at home. Thank you! You really made my vacation on Dugi otok unforgettable.

    Mateja N

  • The kids enjoyed swimming in the crystal clear and calm bay, we had our coffee at our tent pitch, keeping an eye on them. It wasn’t the cheapest camping holiday ever, but it’s worth every single penny.

    Alexandra Hain


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