Back to the Past

The Dugi Otok Island has a rich history. Ruins of buildings that can be found pretty much all over the island attest to the truth of this.

The first references were made back in the 10th century when the island was mentioned by the Byzantine emperor Constantine VII. Porphyrogennetos. In 2011, human remains almost 11,000 year old were excavated; this proves that the island had settlements much earlier than the 10th century. If you’d like to learn more about the island’s history, take a look at the official website.

Croatia, as we do not know it

You can spend your holidays in the beautiful place of one of the seven largest islands in Croatia.

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Taste Delicious Food

The camp includes a restaurant where we prepare delicious meals from fresh and local ingredients.

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Beatifull idyllic place! Little paradise one earth with lovely people and very friendly staff! I really would recommend it to everyone! Keep in mind that Dugi Otok is a little less busy than other places in Croatia, but keep in mind “less is more” For nature and paradise lovers!

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