Cjenik & plan kampa

Ukoliko ste odlučili odmor provesti u našem obiteljskom kampu na Dugom otoku, niste mogli donijeti bolju odluku!

The latest CHECK – IN is possible till 20:00 because of night rest in the campsite.
Please don’t catch the latest ferry at 20:30. Will be impossible to entrance in the campsite.

Check IN 12:00 – 20:00
Check OUT 10:00

Berth for boats250 HRK250 HRK250 HRK250 HRK250 HRK

Term 4. 7.–5. 9. Term 5. 9.–19. 9.
Parcel A 263 HRK 180 HRK
Parcel B 188 HRK 128 HRK
Parcel C 150 HRK 90 HRK
Premium Parcel 338 HRK 255 HRK
Premium Parcel
for Tent
285 HRK 195 HRK
Tents (Open Space) 120 HRK 90 HRK
Adult 75 HRK 60 HRK
Child (3-14years) 60 HRK 45 HRK
Dog 38 HRK 38 HRK
Fridge/Frezeer for free for free
Extra tent 75 HRK 75 HRK
Extra camper 188 HRK 188 HRK
Berth for boats* 75 HRK 75 HRK
Private bathroom for free for free

* price is valid for guests of Camp Mandarino

Prices in KUNA (HRK), including VAT.

Price does not include visitor tax. (7.5 HRK per adult, 3.75 HRK per child)

Possible to pay by card/cash.

5% discount for 15 days and longer vacation.

ADAC and AVTOKAMPI.SI members have 5% discount.

Discounts can not be combined.

All places have electricity connection, please ask reception which places have waste and water connection.

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Beatifull idyllic place! Little paradise one earth with lovely people and very friendly staff! I really would recommend it to everyone! Keep in mind that Dugi Otok is a little less busy than other places in Croatia, but keep in mind “less is more” For nature and paradise lovers!

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